Cultural Visions

Mission Statement

Cultural Visions features artists of diverse cultures and ethnicity. Ceramic artists come in all colors and this site celebrates this diversity.  Clay artists form the foundation of Cultural Visions, but it's expanding to include all mediums since most artists today work in a variety of materials.  Writers, authors, curators and critics will also be included along with links to their works that are in concert with the our mission.

The site will feature artist profiles, their artworks and links to their sites.   There will be established artists as well as up-and-coming artists from around the U.S and overseas.  The Artist profiles are meant to be a resource to discover where artists teach or maintain their studios.  This is especially important for students who are looking for schools to attend or for artists who want to know where our peers are located for networking opportunities.  It’s always good to put a face and a place with the artist and their work.  Other links of interest and related resource information will also be available.

    James L. Tanner once told me "As long as you give more than you get, you will always be successful in life and art".  It’s important for artists to help each other when given the opportunity and this is the philosophy that Cultural Visions International hopes to instill in those who visit and participate with the site.  

I hope you enjoy the site.  

Paul Andrew Wandless                                                                                                                        

Cultural Visions was founded in 1999 by Paul Andrew Wandless and Stephen M. Carter